After the first ten years of operation Amico & Co created AMIS, a custom made information management system. This is dedicated to the coordination and management of working procedures, technical knowledge, communication, project pricing and work progress. This system is extremely important to the organization and has been constantly upgraded during its existence. It now includes all the technical and economic records of all the refit projects performed in the shipyard, which are then used as a reference for future projects.   Class and Flag State requirements are also part of the expertise Amico & Co can offer its Clients, thanks to the growing interaction and ongoing relationships with all the major classification companies and flag state authorities.

The ICOMIA code of good practice has been complied with since Amico & Co merged into the group. Critical aspects, like safety inside the yard, access control, insurance coverage, warranty, transparency and Client satisfaction are all set up for every new contract and agreedwith the Client for each single project.
  ISO 14001
The Environmental Care has also been a priority for Amico & Co since it first started operations. In 2002, Amico & Co was the first Italian yacht repair facility to obtain the ISO 14001 quality certification for its high environmental management system.

Environmental policy
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Amico & Co is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

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