Technology and experience in surface preparation and treatment, inside and outside the hull. Luigi Amico S.r.l., the technical partner and sister company of the Amico & Co shipyard, is a leader in the surface treatment and coating market in Italy.   Surface Preparation
  • Surface cleaning and gas freeing.
  • Water-jet cutting and cleaning at 250 bar, 1,500 bar and 2,500 bar and all standards up to WJ2.
  • Grit sandblasting, Garnet sandblasting, sponge jet, all standard up to SA3.
  • Tank coating application for epoxy, atoxic and epoxy-phenolic paint systems, for fresh, grey and black water tanks.
  • Selective out-dated antifouling paint removal; full hull preparation system and coating; epoxy hull preparation and protection.
  • Fresh water and sewage water tank coating.
  • Special warranty of three years.
  • Engine room and bilge treatments.

Amico & Co is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

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