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At Amico we know that refits on large yachts can be as complicated as new builds and require meticulous planning

As the average size of megayachts has grown, so has our reputation

We work seamlessly alongside the owner’s team with one common objective: ensuring the complete satisfaction of the owner.

Amico & Co has accumulated more than 25 years of experience working with captains and managers. During this time we have used feedback and constructive criticism to constantly improve and refine the refit process.

The refit market is thriving as the fleet continues to grow. Pre-owned yachts provide imaginative owners with exciting opportunities for quick and cost effective refit and upgrade. Owners who desire customised megayachts that meet the highest safety and environmental standards are increasingly embracing the benefits of the refit solution.

Having managed a total of 1,230 projects in the last 10 years, and an average of 135 projects per year, Amico & Co’s wealth of experience means we are prepared for even the most complex project. Undertaking a major refit of a custom superyacht can be akin to embarking upon a two-year new-build project. The sheer number of personnel involved – owner’s representatives, crew and subcontractors –  is a management challenge and one that must be handled expertly by the shipyard.

Superyacht Refit | Superyacht Repairs | Amico & Co
Superyacht Refit | Superyacht Repairs | Amico & Co


“For a large-scale refit, a ‘fanatical’ approach to the planning and execution of every activity becomes paramount.”

We believe that every project must be considered as a ‘one-off’: each yacht has its own story and a unique owner.

Preparation on the part of the manager or captain requesting the refit is key to managing and optimising time and budget. Most clients are now supported by consultants and managers, who help manage the design process, allowing planning and scheduling to be defined well in advance of the vessel arrival in Genoa. Another factor critical to a successful refit is communication, liaising effectively with the owner’s team, and providing regular progress updates. It is absolutely essential to be able to get a rapid response from the owner’s team in order to avoid unnecessary downtime. Due to time constraints, the daily presence – whether virtual or physical – of the owner’s technical supervisor is fundamental in assisting the yard with real-time decisions.

The timeline of our largest refit, that of P/Y Queen Miri, began around eight months before the vessel’s arrival in the shipyard. For a large-scale refit such as this, a ‘fanatical’ approach to the planning and execution of every activity becomes paramount, especially when there are works that overlap, such as metal work on the hull and superstructure, painting, interior refurbishment, and heavy engineering work.

The process leading up to this refit included the following steps:

  • Meeting with the Owner to get a preliminary indication of what they wanted to obtain from the refit
  • A survey on board with the designer and technicians from the owner’s team to work out project feasibility
  • Preparation of the specifications and preliminary drawings. Flag and Class were considered in spec preparation and attention was paid to whether the proposed works could affect Flag and Class status. The process of Flag and Class approval of proposed changes can cause delays in the design schedule – we had experience of working on a previous refit where Flag and Class had differing and contrasting requirements, and finding an acceptable solution to that problem took time
  • Specifications supplied for the quotation process
  • Amico & Co team visits on board, followed by preparation of a quote
  • After the choice of yard was made, meetings were held between the client and yard to clarify all of the details and agree the preliminary production schedule

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