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Covid-19 – a message for clients and contractors


We would like to update all our clients, contractors and co-workers with accurate information regarding the current COVID–19 situation, in Italy and in particular in Liguria, where our shipyard is located.

Covid-19 - a message for clients and contractors

The Italian Government with successive law decrees dated 8th, 9th and 11th  March 2020 has extended prevention measures for containing COVID–19 to the entire country.

These regulations – which include extremely rigid and severe norms in order to prevent/contain the spread of the virus – are aimed at protecting the health of both its citizens and that of all others in our country at the moment, disciplining the way that people can move around, the ways in which businesses and shops can open and function and indicating to citizens the conduct that every person should adopt with a sense of responsibility. In Italy the emergency is being managed in an accountable and efficient way, headed by the Civil Protection service and the entire National Health Service.

On the site of the Civil Protection service you can see the updates in real time regarding the spread of COVID-19 with detail for each region, including Liguria, where our shipyard is located by clicking here (if you click on the different regions you can see how the cases are divided up).


Amico & Co, to protect the health of its employees, crews, clients and contractors, within the limits of the prevention and safety measures that can be activated and to ensure a stable and efficient working continuity, has decided to put into action behavioral and operational guidelines inside its own shipyard so as to reduce physical interactions and therefore eventual possible spread of the virus.

The office spaces are being reorganized into areas that are independent of each other and a division of the community spaces – entrances, lifts, internal routes – has been made, making them separate for crews and clients, suppliers and employees.

All subjects external to the Shipyard (visitors, suppliers, sub-contractor, crews) have received the specific requirements that discipline access and permanence in the Shipyard.

The internal company service remains active to support crews staying in the shipyard so that they can follow the correct health procedure for necessary health checks, should any illness be verified, such as breathing difficulties, high temperature and sore throat or should any cases of previous contact with people affected by Corona virus.


All Italian ports, and specifically the Port of Genoa, have put into place controls regarding access by sea. Based on Ministry of Health regulations delivered to all Port Authorities and Coastguards, all vessels arriving in Italian ports, independently of whether they arrive from within the country or from abroad, are obliged to request, with the support of a local agent, the issuing of a Libera Pratica Sanitaria (LPS) health certificate from the territorially competent USMAF maritime health office. Such a request for an LPS document should be accompanied by:

a) Maritime health declaration

b) Passenger and crew lists

c) List of the ports visited in the 14 days prior

The request for issuing an LPS health certificate should be made by the vessel no earlier than 6 hours before entering port; the Captain must then communicate any variations that occur after issuing of the LPD health certificate, including the time during port stays and right up until departure from the same.

We hope that this information gives you a correct perspective of the emergency and strengthens the confidence of all of our clients, suppliers and co-workers and we confirm the willingness and commitment that we endeavor to demonstrate to you every day.

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