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Inauguration of the new 102m graving dock inside Amico & Co shipyard

Amico & Co has been investing in facilities and personnel for the last 20 years and is to be considered in the global top three companies in the refit & repair field.

Inauguration of the new 102m graving dock inside Amico & Co shipyard

In fact Amico & Co has just completed a series of investments in record time: in the last 18 months, 7 million euro have been invested in facilities, with 6 million euro spent on the dry-dock project and another million euro on developing the capacity of the shipyard’s dock electrical system, increasing it from 1.9MW to 5.3MW.

The new 102m dry-dock was designed and built in just 16 months and is equipped with a retractable shed, heating, ventilation and a special emission treatment system for painting work.

Staffing levels are also on the rise at Amico & Co: in the last three years the group has taken on twenty new employees – between Amico & Co and Amico Loano – with five companies partnering the group to make up a total of 140 operators, 35 specialized contractors and 650 suppliers.

The Amico & Co shipyard is specializing more and more in the global maintenance, refit & repair markets of 60m up to 140m LOA yachts, becoming one of the world’s leaders, owing to these investments in facilities, human resources and quality standards and thanks to its relationships with customers.

Reliability is the first quality recognised by our customers and this is our primary marketing tool.

Since September, the shipyard has worked on 17 projects on yachts of over 50m LOA, nine of which have already used our dry-dock facilities (including dry-dock number 2 in the Ente Bacini area, directly managed by Amico & Co).

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