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New 4000t ShipLift operative at Amico & Co

Amico & Co’s ShipLift, the brand new hauling, launching and manoeuvring infrastructure for large yachts of up to 95m LOA is now operative!

New 4000t ShipLift operative at Amico & Co

The investment, located in the new Eastern areas of Genoa Port assigned to Amico & Co with a multi-year concession, allows the Shipyard to have 5 new slots on the hard for super and megayacht works.

The new ShipLift, a modern system for hauling/launching  and manoeuvring of megayachts of up to 95 metres that allows Amico & Co to consolidate its international leadership in the large yacht refit sector, is now operative, bringing a decisive contribution to the enhancement of the Genoese hub in terms of its competition with other similar yachting districts in Barcelona and the South of France.

The ShipLift is an avant-garde system that allows yachts that would otherwise need to be docked in dry-docks to be hauled from the water and put on the hardstanding for repair and refit works. It uses a submersible platform, housed inside a dedicated structure, that can raise vessels up to the shipyard ground level using a series of synchronized hoists. From here, a trestle system that glides on special tracks manoeuvres vessels on to the hardstanding, where 5 new work slots have been laid out.

Manoeuvring is 100% zero-emissions as both the lift system with its large steel platform moving the vessels out of the sea and the trestle and track system, that moves the vessels on the hardstanding, are powered electrically by the shipyard’s own electrical supply. Amico & Co has always been very attentive to regulations regarding the environmental impact of its activities and has been certified ISO14001 since 2015. It was also the first company in the Port of Genoa in 2007 to invest in the mooring docks electrification project, today supplying the yachts that arrive in the shipyard with shore power of up to 1000 Ampere.

Construction of the new ShipLift was carried out by Scandiuzzi SpA, an Italian industrial engineering firm based in Brindisi, whilst the design and building of the vessel transfer system composed of 24 trestles that connects the lifting platform to the entire yard area was commissioned from Dutch company Enerpac. The new infrastructure entailed an investment of €27 mln.

The ShipLift and new slots, spanning over a new 15,000 m2 area, complete and enrich the range of facilities already available at Amico & Co’s original concessionary area covering 45,000 m2.

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