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A new extensive photovoltaic system in Amico & Co

A new photovoltaic system in Amico & Co: one of a multiple-step approach towards a cleaner process

A new extensive photovoltaic system has been installed in Amico & Co which will cover 53% of the annual needs of the shipyard and Waterfront Marina production activities, supplying renewable energy. The on-site system occupies an area of over 4,300 m2 with an array of 1782 solar panels developing a maximum power of about 1MegaWatt peak (1MWp). This new investment made by Amico & Co represents another important step towards cleaner processes and more complete integration of the superyacht activities with the city of Genoa.

With commissioning complete on the new photovoltaic system installed on site, Amico & Co will be able to produce 53% of its shipyard and marina energy consumption for production processes from renewable sources.

The largest privately built solar array in a port area in Italy, the new system develops a total maximum power of about 1MegaWatt peak (MWp), is composed of 1,782 solar panels and occupies an area of about 4300m2 extending over the roofs of the shipyard hangars and offices as well as the marina buildings. The system was manufactured by Ceresa Next, a service company based near Turin which develops renewable energy and electrification solutions for industrial customers, established in 2020 as a spin-off of Fratelli Ceresa, a company founded in 1921 and historically active in the energy services market for condominium clients.

With this latest investment of around €1mln, Amico & Co has taken another step towards its clean processes objective, giving another contribution to creating an economic ecosystem perfectly compatible with the city, capable of generating value and wealth in the area and qualifying Genoa as an international capital for superyacht operations, at the forefront not only in terms of professionalism but also in terms of levels of environmental sustainability. There have been numerous other interventions over the years aimed at zeroing emissions from vessels stopping at Amico & Co for works or the Marina and reducing the impact of repair works, starting with electrification of the shipyard’s docks in 2007/2009, followed by the construction of permanent hangars and fixed structures (dry-docks) from 2010/2014, capable of efficiently confining and isolating vessels during works and reducing energy consumptions by 73%.

In 2019 Amico & Co then inaugurated the ShipLift, a fully electrified haulage, launching and handling system for vessels up to 4000GT and 95 metres LOA in situ, with zero emissions. Just two years later Amico & Co opened the berthing facility Waterfront Marina, where moored yachts are directly connected to both shore electricity and sewage networks.

“With some pride we can say that since the very start of our activities, with greater intensity since the early 2000s, we have made investments that have gone in the direction of what we now call sustainability – underlines Alberto Amico, President of Amico & Co. S.p.A. “Our strategy was and is the implementation of work process efficiency, particularly through covered and permanent warehouses and other facility technologies, which guarantee 73% consumption savings when compared to any temporary facility.” 

Superyachts represent an ever-growing market worldwide, with over 5700 units afloat today and a forecast of 7700 in 2030. In this sector Amico & Co confirms its leadership as a refit yard and service hub, with over 130 projects completed every year, 35% of which on vessels over 60 metres in length.

Within June 2023, Amico & Co will publish its first Sustainability Report according to the GRI guidelines, providing a transparent picture of the company’s performance and future goals from an ESG perspective.

Should you like to read about Amico & Co’s working processes and environmental policy, click here.

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