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As average yacht length and volume has grown over the years, so has Amico & Co’s reputation as a full service refit shipyard

The importance of building solid relationships

Our partnership approach, in which the “Co” of Amico & Co stands for cooperation.

Our strength lies in the ability to satisfy client needs by combining our heritage and experience with modern, high quality facilities. From long before a contract is signed, right up to delivery and beyond, our personnel act as a technical partner to the owner and his staff, using a transparent and flexible approach.

We are always available to offer advice on how to achieve the best solutions. This includes using our expertise to advise when something is not feasible and instead work closely with the client to find a viable alternative. This results in the yard becoming an indispensable aid to the client, who benefits from experience and knowledge accumulated by Amico & Co’s personnel over more than twenty-five years in the yacht refit business.

Each project is assigned a Project Manager and a Project Assistant who are constantly available to advise the client on important issues, often going beyond contractual obligations. Relationships and production activities are regulated by procedures and crystal clear contract agreements, minimising grey areas and maximising the efficiency of project time and cost controls.

This approach often creates a relationship of mutual trust which, over the years, has led to an ever-increasing level of confidence amongst owners, captains and managers regarding how we conduct our refit business.

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Refit a Yacht | Yacht Refit Cost | Amico & Co
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