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The only refit shipyard offering a full, in-house service


Our track record of hundreds of successful painting projects is Amico & Co’s highest accolade.

With more than 25 years of experience and production, Amico & Co is the only refit shipyard that can offer a full, in-house service dedicated to yacht paint application including paint shed construction and associated technologies such as painting teams; technical support and management.

Since the first paint shed was constructed and outfitted, the yard has been able to offer its clients the best results available in the refit industry, with standards accepted by all of the main paint surveyors.

A constant advancement in quality is accomplished by an ongoing process of review and improvement in each of the critical components of paint projects.

Requirements for Superyacht Gloss Topcoat Application

Amico & Co produces premium grade, certified, and guaranteed painting projects. Measurements are performed by professional coating inspectors employing equipment certified in keeping with international paint finishing standards: ISO2813 for Gloss measurement at 60° light incidence.
DOI (Distinction of Image) a measurement of image, ensuring quality from ASTM D5767-A.

Visual and measured minimum acceptable values and standards

The minimum contract requirements are set forth as follows:

GLOSS: 95% of measurements should be of a value more or equal to 93 GU for all categories of surfaces. DOI (Distinction of Image): Mean value should be more or equal to 92 for all surfaces.

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Yacht Painting | Yacht Coatings | Amico & Co
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