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Surface preparation is delivered by Luigi Amico, technical partner and sister company of Amico & Co, and a leader in the surface treatment and coating market in Italy and France.

Surface preparation includes:

  • Surface cleaning and gas freeing
  • Water-jet cutting and cleaning at 250 bar, 1,500 bar and 2,500 bar, and all standards up to WJ2
  • Grit blasting with synthetic or natural abrasives, either on external surfaces using our self-propelling hydraulic mobile platforms, or in confined spaces such as cisterns and tanks both in naval and industrial contexts. This helps maintain both temperature and humidity by using mobile dehumidifying, ventilation and air warming systems, with instruments monitoring conditions
  • Shot blasting of flooring with specialist equipment with automatic grit recycling, preventing dust dispersal
  • Disencrusting using extremely high pressure water without using solid abrasives (hydroblasting), either with water blasting guns from 1,500 bars up to 2,500 bars, or with remote-controlled machines up to 3,000 bars for large surfaces
  • Remediation works: special cleaning even in confined spaces

All these works can be performed in confined spaces in compliance with Presidential Decree n. 177/2011.

Luigi Amico also performs a wide range of applications, including:

  • Selective out-dated antifouling paint removal
  • Full hull preparation system and coating
  • Epoxy hull preparation and protection
  • Tank coating application for epoxy, atoxic and epoxy-phenolic paint systems, for fresh, grey and black water tanks
  • Engine room and bilge treatments
  • Cold zinc-coating
  • Intumescent paints
  • Finishing topcoat
  • Technical films for decoration such as brands and drawings or films for shading and darkening
Yacht Refit Yard | Yacht Hull Cleaning | Amico & Co
Yacht Refit Yard | Yacht Hull Cleaning | Amico & Co
Yacht Refit Yard | Yacht Hull Cleaning | Amico & Co

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